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The following recommendations are intended to help you to use the Japanese language on your PC.

I. Installation of the Arial Unicode MS Universal Font

In case you use a Microsoft Windows operating system and work with your documents in Microsoft Office package programmes, you may install the Arial Unicode MS universal font, which supports the Japanese language.

Installation of the Universal Font from the Microsoft Office 2000 Installation CD:

1. insert the installation disc “Microsoft Office 2000, Disc 1” into CD-ROM drive;
2. if the disc does not start automatically, run setup.exe file from the disc root folder;
3. select the option “Add or Remove Features”;
4. select the option “Office Shared Features” from the menu displayed;
5. select the option “International Support”;
6. click the left button of the mouse to chose the item “Universal Font”;
7. select the option “Start from Computer” from the menu displayed;
8. click “Refresh” button;
9. follow the instructions of the installation wizard.

Once the installation of the font completed, your computer will support the Japanese language.

If you do not have the installation CD or use another version of Microsoft Office, you can download the Arial Unicode MS universal font from the site of the company Microsoft:

II. Installation of Additional Japanese Fonts

You can download additional Japanese True Type fonts from our site. The fonts may be downloaded in *.rar (requires WinRAR or another *.rar supporting programme to extract the file) and *.exe (a self-extracting archive, no additional programmes are required) formats.




Japan download (15 kB) download (79 kB)
Wonton download (24 kB) download (89 kB)

Font Installation:

1. download the font;
2. unpack the archive;
3. go to “Control Panel”;
4. open the “Fonts” folder;
5. open the “File” menu and select “Install Font”;
6. select the required disc from the list “Disks”;
7. in the field “Folders” select the folder to which the archive was extracted;
8. select the font required and click “OK” from the “Font List”.

III. Font Testing

1. open the document with the text in the Japanese language;
2. select the text if it is displayed incorrectly;
3. select the preinstalled Arial Unicode MS universal or any other Japanese font in the list “Fonts”.
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