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Special Offers — Outsourcing for Corporative Clients

If you need express translation of your business correspondence, operational documentation, technical documents concerning equipment, etc., we can perform translations in the outsourcing mode.
This service is designed for the companies regularly dealing with foreign languages. We are ready to offer you a comprehensive solution to all translation-related problems your company faces in its day-to-day operation. When dealing with our company in the outsourcing mode, you will enjoy confidence that translation of documents of any sizes and subjects from or into any foreign languages made with a high quality and within the term agreed is guaranteed.


  • you will not need to maintain or to increase the staff of your translation department, to recruit new specialists, and to check their competence, as it will be in our charge;
  • you will enjoy the guaranteed timely translation;
  • you will benefit from high-quality professional translation;
  • you will settle the problem of express translation into rare languages;
  • due to your advance payment we shall not have to wait for your crediting our account or your paying in cash each time you place an order and shall be able to proceed to its execution immediately upon its receipt;
  • you will always be able to make an exact estimate of your expenses on translation services;
  • you will be able to redirect the released managerial resources to performance of the other important tasks.


All you need to get started is to conclude an outsourcing contract with us and to make an arbitrary advance payment. Your account will be automatically credited with the amount of advance, and then when you place an order, we immediately proceed to its execution, charge the amount of the order to the debit of your account, and send you a notification containing the following information:
  • order cost;
  • deadline;
  • balance of your account.
Besides, you can check the balance at any time by calling us or sending us an enquiry via e-mail.
In case of adverse balance, you can credit your account by cash payment or bank transfer or via electronic payment systems.
Looking forward to our mutually beneficial cooperation!

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