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Special Offers — Translation of Documentation into Several Languages

Our company enjoys a productive relationship with exporting corporations and provides services for translation of documentation concerning exported materials and equipment into several foreign languages. In case you export materials or equipment to several countries, we can offer you translation of the documents into several foreign languages at a time.


Translation into any other foreign languages is possible.
If you plan to sell your products at several foreign markets, you may find it more reasonable to make a multilingual manual.


  • 1) Resource saving. Translation will be made by one translation centre. That will facilitate control of the progress of work.
  • 2) Cost saving. As all the foreign language versions will be ready at the same time, there will be no need in reprinting the finished manual.
  • 3) Quality of translation. As our Translation Centre will carry out the whole scope of work, it will be easier for us to manage all the discrepancies in terminology, which may arise in case of translation of the manual by several specialists.
Moreover, the multilingual product manual will improve the image of your product and your company in general, confirming the seriousness of your intentions at the market.


Translation cost comprises the cost of translation into each language plus the cost of processing of the graphical data (if any).
Translation Centre “In Plus” has a great experience in translation of technical documentation into various languages. Currently, we can offer you the best combination of price, term and quality of translation.
Looking forward to our mutually beneficial cooperation!

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