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Special Offers — Translation and Editing of Technical Drawings

Our company provides services for translation and editing of technical drawings. We deal with drawings in various formats: printed drawings of any size (A4 to A0, substandard formats) and drawings in electronic formats, executed either in CAD or any other popular programmes (Adobe Acrobat, etc.). We can provide bi- and multilingual versions of drawings as well.
In case of printed drawings, we can render a complete package of services, including scanning of the original drawing, its conversion into an electronic readable format, translation of significant information on the drawing, and formatting of the finished drawing.
Processing of the drawings executed in CAD-programmes or presented in any other readable formats consists in translation of the relevant information, drawing formatting, and preparation of its single- or multilingual version. Translation of PDF-files includes its conversion into an editable format.
The completed order is in fact an exact copy of the original drawing in the required language. At your request, the final version of the translated drawing may be provided in an electronic format and/or in a hard-copy form. The translated drawing may be printed out in the original size.
Translation and editing of technical drawings is one of the priority activities of our company, along with translation of technical documentation. The high qualification of our specialists enables us to perform orders subject to your highest technical requirements.
Looking forward to our mutually beneficial cooperation!

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