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Special Offers — Translation of Scientific Articles

Translation Centre “In Plus” has a great experience in translation of scientific articles both from and into foreign languages. The articles translated by our specialists are regularly published both in the Russian and foreign journals; besides, they are submitted at international conferences. The main subjects of the articles include: metallurgy, chemistry (nonorganic, organic, high-molecular substances), material sciences, oil and gas production and processing, mechanic engineering, information technologies, and linguistics.
The high qualification of our specialists enables us to convey the exact meaning of the original text while preserving its original style. Due to continuous perfection of the professional skills of our specialists and the centralized building of our corporate vocabulary we can successfully perform translation of scientific articles including those concerning innovative materials, processes, technologies with the vocabulary not yet settled and included into common dictionaries.
Owing to their long-term experience in translation and editing of foreign language versions of scientific articles our specialists can ensure not only a high quality of translation of a scientific articles, but also compliance to the highest requirements of the editors.
We expect this area of our activity to expand steadily in the near future. We are interested in cooperation with the authors of the scientific articles, as well as with the scientific journals and web sites that publish translated scientific articles. We are ready to offer you our professional translation services with an optimal combination of price and quality.
Looking forward to our mutually beneficial cooperation!

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