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Our essential clients are industrial facilities. In terms of the current economical situation, many companies feel the need of serious, stable, and predictable partners. Moreover, at the stage of surmounting the crisis it appears important for many companies to minimize their costs. Reduction of nonmanufacturing costs is of particular importance. One of the types of such costs is expenses on translation of different documentation related to the activities of the company.
We respect the interests of our current and prospective Clients and are pleased to put forward our unique offer of translation services on reasonable terms. We offer you to use our professional services and to get a deal of advantages from your cooperation with us.
Once the decision on cooperation with Translation Centre “In Plus” taken, your Company will gain the following advantages from its partnership with a professional translation company:

Fixed Low Prices

When your Company places its order in our Translation Centre, we tell you a fixed and clear price, which is not to change in the course of the order execution. It is very convenient for you as you can be sure that the rate of your expenses will not change during our cooperation. Moreover, you can pre-evaluate the cost of our services and take a decision on rationality of placing your order in our company.
For the moment, we offer the lowest prices on the most popular directions of translation:
From English into Russian4 euros/1 thousand symbols
From Russian into English7 euros/1 thousand symbols
From German into Russian5 euros/1 thousand symbols
From Russian into German10 euros/1 thousand symbols
From French into Russian5 euros/1 thousand symbols
From Russian into French10 euros/1 thousand symbols
See more details on prices on translation and supplementary services in our Price List

Considerable Experience

Our more than ten-year experience at the market of translations enables us to ensure a high quality of our translations and to make an adequate response to your requirements. At your request, we can perform translation with complete retention of the document execution and format, retention of complex diagrams, tables, and drawings, and to provide the finished translation in one of the common formats (*.doc, *.pdf, *.xls, *.ppt, *dwg, and etc.). Moreover, we guarantee that your order will be performed within the reasonable time without prejudice to the quality.

Simplicity and Operational Efficiency

You can easily place your order in our office or send it to our e-mail Our managers will estimate your order and (as a rule, within several hours) send you complete information on it.
One and the same manager will deal with all your orders. When necessary, you will be able to settle easily any problems concerning your order(s).
All you need to have work at your order started is to pay your order in full. We work only at 100% advance payment. By your request, we can conclude a Contract on execution of a separate order or a Contract for long-term cooperation.
In case of payment on account received the finished translation is provided along with a full set of the reporting documentation.

Accuracy and Neatness of the Order Execution

When you place your order in our Translation Centre, you may expect your order to be executed accurately and carefully. When you give us no special recommendations, we preserve the original text execution and formatting, preserve and translate all the graphical elements contained that require translation. In fact, you will get a copy of the original document in the language you need. The high qualification of our specialists enables us to perform orders in conformance with your highest technical requirements.

Cooperation with an Innovative Company

One of the advantages of cooperation with our company is our openness to innovations and innovative technologies. This enables us to translate masterfully documentation concerning not only products and services widely available at the market, but also that concerning innovative equipment, materials, processes, technologies with the vocabulary not yet settled and included into common dictionaries. Our Translation Centre has organized a centralized collection and implementation of the new vocabulary.
Innovativeness of our company and a high computer competence of our personnel enable us to deal with files in different formats, including those infrequently used. Besides, this ensures a careful computer execution of the finished orders.

Authorization of Translations

The staff of our Translation Centre includes certified specialists capable of making translations that subsequently may be recorded by a notary.

Variants of Our Cooperation with Corporative Clients

If there is no translation department at your company... may conclude a Contract for outsourcing. Subject to the Contract, you pay in a certain sum on account of your future orders, and send us your correspondence, documentation, etc. that require urgent translation as and when necessary, and we deduct the cost of such orders from the sum on your balance. At any moment, you can check the remaining sum on your balance, and, if necessary, replenish it.

If There is a Translation Department at Your Company

As it follows from practice, large companies find it more reasonable to delegate execution of their non-core functions to professionals, while their own translation departments deal with everyday and urgent translations.
We shall perform translation of large operation manuals, diagrams, standards, normative, legal and other documentation within reasonable time and with an excellent quality.
Besides, we may conclude a Contract for long-term cooperation for the period till the end of a calendar year. We guarantee a timely execution of your orders on the outsourcing basis.
Looking forward to our mutually beneficial cooperation!

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