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Translation. Foreign Languages.

Translation Centre “In Plus” deals with the following languages:

Translation from and into other languages is possible.

Subjects of Translation

Texts on any subjects, except for those related to: manufacturing, use and distribution of the cold steel, fire, and other types of weapons, explosive, narcotic and toxic substances; production and distribution of pornography; incitement of ethnic and religious hatred, calls for the forcible overthrow of the lawful authorities, etc. We reserve the right to reject an order if in our opinion the text may be related to commitment of unlawful acts by any persons or to the intent of any persons to commit such unlawful acts.
For the translation of any audio and video materials, PC games, etc. protected by copyright, the customer shall have a legal right to have such materials translated and shall grant us such legal rights.

Size and Complexity

Texts of any size and complexity.


Professional translation and editing.


Minimum order price: 10 euros. All the orders are executed only on condition of 100 % advance payment.

Translation Deadlines

The deadlines are set individually, depending on the nature of the order.

Original Material Format

  • Printed materials;
  • Printed materials (file formats: *.doc, *.xls, *.txt, *.htm, *.html, *.shtml, *.bmp, *.gif, *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.ppt, *.pdf, *.chm, *.hlp, *.dwg, and other readable formats);
  • Audio and video materials.

Ways of Order Sending/Receiving

  • Delivery of the order to our office;
  • Sending of the order via e-mail;
  • Sending of the order via the Russian Post (at the Customer’s expense);
  • Sending of the order via express delivery services (at the Customer’s expense).

How to Place an Order

Ways of Payment

  • Cash payment (in Yekaterinburg);
  • Bank transfer in rubles (for the Russian Federation residents);
  • Bank transfer in foreign currencies (for the Russian Federation non-residents);
  • Payment by private customers through Sberbank of the Russian Federation or online banking systems;
  • Payment via Yandex.Money (Яндекс.Деньги);
  • Payment via Western Union;
  • Payment via MoneyGram.

How to Pay for an Order
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