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Price List for the Core Services in Euros

The price list specifies the prices for translation of 1,000 characters from one language into another. In this regard the term “characters” includes printed characters, spaces, and formatting characters. VAT is not applicable.
Language Pair 1* 2* 3* 4* 5* 6* 7*
From Arabic into Russian14202727202727
From Russian into Arabic24304040304040
From Bulgarian into Russian8888888
From Russian into Bulgarian10101010101010
From Chinese into Russian12121515121212
From Russian into Chinese15171919151715
From Czech into Russian8888888
From Danish into Russian9999999
From Dutch into Russian8888888
From English into Russian4444444
Form Russian into English7777777
From Finnish into Russian10131616131616
From French into Russian5577575
From Russian into French10101010101010
From German into Russian5577575
From Russian into German10101010101010
From Greek into Russian9999999
From Hungarian into Russian10131616131616
From Italian into Russian6677676
From Russian into Italian10101010101010
From Japanese into Russian12121515121212
From Russian into Japanese15171919151715
From Korean into Russian12121515121212
From Norwegian into Russian9999999
From Polish into Russian8888888
From Portuguese into Russian7888888
From Russian into Portuguese10101010101010
From Rumanian into Russian8888888
From Spanish into Russian6777676
From Russian into Spanish10101010101010
From Swedish into Russian9999999
From Turkish into Russian9999999
From Russian into Turkish12121212121212
From Ukrainian into Russian7777777
From Russian into Ukrainian9999999
From Uzbek into Russian9999999

* Price List Items

1* “General subjects” — political essays, newspaper and magazine articles, educational and training materials, texts on housekeeping, popular science literature, menus, recipes.
2* “Technical literature” — technical texts, operation, maintenance, acceptance, repair manuals, spare parts lists and catalogues for industrial equipment, machines, household appliances, office equipment, audio and video equipment, communication devices, motorcars, and other vehicles, etc., construction documents.
3* “Scientific literature” — scientific texts (natural and applied sciences, humanities), texts on engineering analysis, guides on engineering analysis and other analytical programs, scientific publications, medical books, any narrowly-specialized texts.
4* “Literature on art” — texts on fine arts, music, architecture, folk art, etc.
5* “Business documents” — letters on various subjects, CVs, application forms, accounting and audit documentation, customs, commodity, and financial documentation, stock exchange data, market researches, management and marketing materials.
6* “Legal documentation” — contracts, memoranda of association, laws, subordinate legislation, regulations, instructions, orders, registration statements, notices, certificates, licenses, norms, rules, standards, prospectuses and associated documents, investment projects.
7* “Information technologies” — manuals, instructions, software help-files, manuals and instructions for computers and their components.

Price List Notes

1) The order cost comprises the price of text translation calculated according to the price list and the price of any additional services required calculated subject to the Price List for the Supplementary Services.
2) In case of translations from the Arabic, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese languages, the number of characters in the Russian translation is considered.
3) The prices for translation of fiction, prose, poetry, audio and video materials, and PC games are negotiated. Translation of these materials is possible only if the customer has the appropriate legal rights to have such materials translated.
4) Translation from and into any other languages is possible. In this case, negotiated prices are applied.
5) The customer is granted a 5 % discount for the current year in case the cost of the orders placed by this customer and executed in our Translation Centre by the end of the previous calendar year exceeds 15,000 euros.
6) The customer is granted 10 % discount for the current calendar year in case the cost of the orders placed by this customer and executed in our Translation Centre by the end of the previous calendar year exceeds 50,000 euros.
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