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Pricing Policy and Prices

Pricing Policy

Pricing policy of the Translation Centre “In Plus” is based on the following principles:
  • We tend to maintain the lowest possible market prices while sustaining a high quality of our services.
  • The order cost comprises the price of translation and the price of any supplementary services related to the execution of the particular order. Such approach enables you to understand formation of the actual order cost and to take a decision on rationality of placing your order in our company.
  • We do not force supplementary services on you. If you are able to present the original material in the form that requires no additional handling from our part or to perform the supplementary works of acceptable quality by your own efforts, we shall be glad to pay all our attention to the translation and save your and our own time.

How to Calculate the Order Cost

Way 1:
You can calculate the order cost yourself using our price lists. The order cost comprises the price of translation and the price of all the related supplementary services actually required.
Way 2:
You can send us the order for cost and deadline estimation.
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