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Long-Term Cooperation Form for Corporate Customers

Please, fill out this form and specify the data on your company and the details of our supposed cooperation.
Please, indicate the official information on your company in the form they must be indicated in contracts, invoices and other official documents.
The required fields are marked with the asterisk * and this color.

I. Information on Your Company:

* 1. Company Full Name
2. Company Address
* 3. Company Registration Data
4. Banking Details
Person That Represents the Company When Concluding Contracts:
5. Position
6. Full Name
Contact Person:
17. Position
* 8. Full Name
9. Office Phone Code: tel.:
10. Fax Code: fax:
11. Cell Phone
* 12. E-mail

II. Information on the Supposed Cooperation:

1. Supposed Language Pairs 1.1. from into
1.2. from into
1.3. from into
1.4. from into
1.5. from into
2. Supposed Order Sizes Minimum per
3. Supposed Payment Mode
4. Supposed Subjects technical documentation
legal documentation
financial documentation
business documentation
advertising materials
5. Required Reporting Documents contracts
acceptance certificates
6. Way of Delivery of the Reporting Documentation
7. Supposed Period of Delivery of the Reporting Documentation after each account replenishing
after execution of each order
at the end of each month
at the end of each quarter
at the end of each year
8. Notes Specify all the necessary supplementary information:
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